Customers can register their groups or schools online by completing this registration card: CLICK HERE. Each group must attach or send in a W9 to be eligible for participation. Once the group is registered, it will remain in the Save-A-Label™ files, so groups do not have to register each year.

Simply save the labels from Best Choice® family of brands products. You do not need to send in the whole label, just be sure to save the UPC portion (proof of purchase). Your group will earn $30 in cash for each bundle of 1,000 UPCs sent to Best Choice®. Each group can submit as many bundles a year as they can. Participants can take advantage of the annual Bonus worth an additional $30 when redeemed with at least 1,000 UPCs. Each registered group is sent on Bonus Certificate per calendar year.

We recommend putting each 1,000 labels in a sealable bag, envelope or secure with rubber bands, whichever is most convenient. Please indicate the number of labels you are redeeming on your redemption form.

Yes, please submit as many bundles of 1,000 labels as you can!

Just cut around the UPC symbol. It’s not necessary to send in the whole label.

We recommend selecting a method of mailing which provides you with a receipt of delivery, such as Certified Mail. Neither Best Choice®, Save-A-Label™, nor its affiliates, shall be responsible for labels not received by Best Choice® Save-A-Label™, at the address herein, nor will redemption thereof be honored.

Mail the labels with redemption form to:
5000 Kansas Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66106

Once your group is registered, you will remain in our files.

The words “Best Choice®” are printed above the UPC symbol.

No. Only Best Choice®, Clearly by Best Choice® and Best Choice® Superior Selections® labels may be used for the Save-A-Label™ program.

No. You will receive $30 for every 1,000 labels you redeemed. For example, if you redeem 5,000 labels, you’ll receive $150. No funds will be given for labels not in increments of 1,000.

To streamline our process, we will automatically apply $30 when your first 1,000 labels are redeemed each calendar year. Bonus certificates will no longer be mailed as of 1/1/2020.

No. The Bonus Certificate is no longer necessary. However, you must submit your redemption form with your participation number to redeem your labels.

Keep those labels you have collected for the following year.

The participation number can be found in emails about Save-A-Label™ program.